Resealable Reed Diffusers

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You no longer need to touch the sticky reeds to flip them in the diffuser!  Pink Zebra offers a Resealable Reed Diffuser in 13 different fragrances.  The diffuser comes with 10 natural reeds pre-soaking in the fragranced oil all ready to freshen your home.

The diffusers are versatile to any size space.  You can simply take a couple reeds out if the fragrance is too strong for the area.  The oil in the diffuser will last for about 3-5 months.  To keep the scent fresh, you screw the lid back on and flip it to soak the reeds for a few moments.  Once they have soaked, you flip it back again, take the lid off, and it is ready for you to enjoy again!

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Resealable Reed Diffuser Decor

Dress up you diffuser with some flowers to match the rest of the decor in your home.  There are 3 different varieties that include flowers made of the reeds.  The decor will also retain the fragrance of the oil to give even more scent to the space it is being used in.

As shown in the picture, we also have a caddy that can hold a soap, lotion, and a reed diffuser.  This can dress up either a kitchen or a bathroom while releasing the amazing fragrance into the air.Resealable reed diffuser; pink zebra


Never again will you have to touch the dirty reeds and get the oils on your hands to refresh the fragrance in your home!  Consider Pink Zebra’s Resealable Reed Diffusers today for your home or office!

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