Pink Zebra Sprinkles

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Tired of wasting money on candles that only burn halfway through?  Sick of looking at the candles that leave black marks Pink Zebra Sprinklesaround the jar?  Are your kids or pets running around the house and you’re afraid they will knock the burning candles off the shelf?  Do you forget to blow out your candles before you leave the house?  Pink Zebra Sprinkles are the solution to all of these issues!


What Are Pink Zebra Sprinkles?

Pink Zebra Sprinkles are made from a Soft-Soy Wax melts that allows for a longer, cleaner burn than traditional candles.  They do not contain any petroleum as found in traditional candles that leave the black soot into the air and the rings around the jars.  The soywax used in the Sprinkles comes from US grown soybeans.  The combination of soy wax and paraffin was creates a cleaner and more consistent burning candle.  They are so versatile and are numerous ways to use them in more places than a traditional candle.

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How Do You Use Pink Zebra Sprinkles?

There are a variety of ways to use the Pink Zebra Sprinkles in your home or anywhere!

Pink Zebra Sprinkles


        • Create your own candle using any combination of the 51 fragrances
        • Add them on top of an existing candle
        • Melt them in a Simmer Pot
        • Use them in a container in your car
        • Sprinkle them in the bottom of a diaper pail or trashcan
        • Stash some by your shoes in your closet
        • Keep them in an open small container on your desk


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Are The Pink Zebra Sprinkles Safe?

If you have pets or kids running around your home, safety is definately a top priority!  The Pink Zebra Sprinkles are made from a food grade soy wax so if they get eaten, they will do no harm!  They will taste like wax so we do NOT recommend trying to eat them but, let’s face it, kids eat everything they can get their hands on!

When used in a warmer, the wax also is not hot to the touch.  My daughter at 18 months old was discovering and put her fingers in the wax on my Simmering Lights set!  While I waited for a scream and some tears, all I got was a puzzled look and her giving me her finger to clean it off!  It is not hot and immediately hardens when it touches any surface.  This also makes it easy to clean if you pets, kids, (or husband) knock it over and it gets on your coffee table.


Pink Zebra Sprinkles – How Do I Get Them?

They are available through the link below or by clicking on the Shop tab at  the top.  They will ship directly to you with no middle man!  All products are available on Auto-ship so you can get your favorite fragrance each month at a discount!  Want an even bigger discount?  Check out what it takes to become an Independent Consultant yourself!

Click here to get your Pink Zebra Sprinkles!

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  1. Mags

    Hi there, do you ship to uk? Is it expensive?
    Many thanks

    • Cristen

      Unfortunately, at this time we do not ship over seas. Within the past few months, we have just opened up shipping to all 50 US States and Puerto Rico! Please check back and hopefully someday we will cross the pond! :)

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