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Always worrying if you blew the candle out before you left the house?  Do you have kids or pets running around and there is a danger they could get knocked over?  Or are you afraid of this happening so you don’t use candles altogether?  There is a solution with our electric simmer pots!  Our simmer pots work with just a tablespoon of our Sprinkles and can be left on 24/7 for a continuous fragrance in your home!  We have 2 different types of electric simmer pots.  The Simmering Lights Base with Frosted Liner and the ceramic Simmer Pots

Simmering Lights Set Electric Simmer Pot

Electric Simmer Pots One of the most popular items we sell to burn the Sprinkles are the Simmering Lights Set.  They come with a black metal base, 7.5 foot cord with an on/off switch, a 25 watt bulb, the frosted liner, and a dish to put the Sprinkles in.  The frosted liner comes in 4 different colors to match your theme in your home.  The colors are White, Black, Yellow, and Pink.  To change the fragrance, simply turn off the set and wait for it to completely cool.  Once the wax is completely formed, simply put the dish in the freezer for 10 minutes and the disc of wax will slide right out!  No Tools Needed!!

What is unique about the Simmering Lights Set is that you can change the shade for the season or to fit the area.  Pictured are just 4 of the numerous shades that you can have that slip over top of the liner itself and rest on the base.  This is one of my favorite items because I can leave it out in the living room and change it for the season.

I love that it can be left on 24/7.  I have only turned mine off when I wanted to change the scent.  It is so nice to come home to a fresh smelling home at the end of the day!  As I have mentioned before I do have a little girl who is almost 2 and loves to look at the light.  One day she got curious and decided to touch the wax!!!  To my surprise, she didn’t yell out in pain!  Instead she just wanted me to clean the wax off her fingers.  Because this heats over a light, the wax does not get hot to the touch which is great with little ones running around wanted to discover everything!

Ceramic Electric Simmer Pot

electric simmer potThe second type of electric simmer pot we carry is made of Ceramic.  They also plug in and have an on/off switch.  This electric simmer pot is warmed with the use of a hot plate type surface that has the dish separate from the base.  This Simmer Pot does get warm to the touch but the wax still is not hot when touched.

This can also be left on 24/7 and I honestly have not turned this off either unless I am changing out the scent.  This works the same way to change the fragrance.  Let it cool completely and then place just the top dish in the freezer for about 10 minutes and slide the disc of wax out.  Sometimes this comes out in a few chunks since it is a bigger disc however, it still doesn’t require any special tools.

This electric simmer pot is good to use in rooms where you do not want a light shinning.  I use mine in our bedroom that way we get the fresh aroma without the light keeping us up at night.  The Simmering Lights Set I have in the living room which also serves as a nice nightlight if our dog needs a drink at 2am.   There is no difference in throw of scent between the two products, just a matter of preference.  I also like having the Simmering Lights Set in the living room to change out with my seasonal decor and switch it up a bit!

Feel free to shop around and check out all the different possibilities with the Simmering Lights Set and the different colors the Simmer Pots come in at my page!

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